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Kiddie Kastle
Learning Academy

Making a difference, one child at a time!

Kiddie Kastle's Infant Program

                    Caring for children 6 weeks to 18 months

Our Infant Room provides a very nurturing, loving and creative environment and our teachers are dedicated in enhancing your infant’s development by helping and guiding them to discover and explore the new big world around them, providing them with stimulating surroundings which will help their minds and bodies develop.

Our program allows your infant to develop at their own pace, they are encouraged to move freely around the room, to play and explore, this helps them build independence and to help generate interest and curiosity. These opportunities will help your infant develop strong bonds with other children and their caregivers and also providing them with the maximum learning experience by using positive and supportive interactions which focuses on love and trust.

Infant's Typical Day at Kiddie Kastle

Our "Extra Loving Care” is what is so special about our Infant program. Our Teachers use daily reports as a great written communication tool between the parent and the caregiver, these reports note your child’s day to day activities, diaper changes, feedings, naps, new milestones etc.

Although your little one makes up their own day to day schedule our Teachers always make time for "special moments” with your child to:

  • Read a story
  • Sing a song- Lullaby/ABC’s
  • Feed/Change
  • Tummy time
  • Rock to sleep
  • Cuddle & Smile together
  • Imitate each other - Talking Play time - with always enough time for a great game of peek-a-boo!

Infant's Classroom

Our beautiful Infant Room provides the children with plenty of opportunities to move freely around the room. Our classroom is a Shoe-Free Environment providing our little ones with an extra clean and safe place to play.